How Do You Know If You Have Sleep Apnea?

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sleep apnea symptoms and treatment options by dr blake perkins sleep apnea specialist in vancouver waLoud, prolonged and ongoing snoring is the most visible sign of sleep apnea symptoms. It is always almost accompanied by choking and gasping while lying on the back. The sleep apnea symptoms are differentiated into two categories, daytime sleep apnea symptoms and nighttime sleep apnea symptoms. Although the condition typically targets boys and men, it can affect people of all ages including children, both genders and all ethnic groups.

Nighttime Sleep Apnea Symptoms

The classic signs of sleep apnea include gasping for air, choking and snoring. It can happen in short intervals of couple of minutes in between the episodes. They are more pronounced while sleeping on the back, and may be somewhat relieved by turning over to the side. Without an effective treatment, the condition will become worse as the chances of remission on its own are slim.

The constant irritation of the throat results in its soreness. More pronounced symptoms may have to be addressed with surgery to prevent re-occurrences of the episodes. Many people do not realize they are experiencing sleep apnea until it becomes a more complex issue, it is recommended to have a bed partner record the nighttime activities if a suspicion of sleep apnea symptoms exists.

Daytime Sleep Apnea Symptoms

As a result of nighttime sleep apnea symptoms, the patients often show signs of irritability, agitation and angry, hostile behavior. Lack of sleep and restfulness contributes to these behaviors often leading to other conditions, such as heart disorders, diabetes and chronic high blood pressure. The lingering feeling of anxiety may also contribute to the progression of the disorder.

The progression of the disorder can be accelerated if the person is genetically predisposed. Patient’s medical and family history will play a major role when planning the course of treatment. Daytime sleep apnea typically manifests itself in the form of sudden sleepiness during the quiet moments of the day, such as during or after lunch.

It can be intensified by consuming large amounts of food. Daytime sleep apnea symptoms should be treated immediately as they pose continuous danger, especially if the person is prone to fatigue while driving or operating heavy machinery.

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